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Making Arizona roads safer for cyclists

Rules of the road dictate that drivers must share the road with people on bikes as safely as possible. Despite these rules, drivers often act in ways that are reckless, endangering cyclists and others who may be susceptible to injury in an accident. To combat these problems, certain groups are working to make Arizona roads safer for people on bikes by raising awareness and bringing attention to a serious safety concern.

Safer roads could lead to fewer accidents

The Tempe Bicycle Action Group is working to make the roads safer by campaigning for better infrastructure. The group works diligently to reduce bicycle accidents by distributing lights to cyclists and raising awareness of cycling fatalities. The group emphasizes the importance of cyclists following the law about where they ride and the use of proper safety equipment.

Cyclists say that even with designated bike lanes and safety measures, sharing the road with moving vehicles can be dangerous. One mentions experiences involving being cut off by cars and seeing drivers not paying attention as they are sharing the road. He says that bike lanes should be separate from main driving thoroughfares.

The safety of cyclists

Cyclists can suffer serious or fatal injuries due to just one poor decision made by an Arizona driver. Through the civil justice system, a victim may be able to seek a fair recovery of financial losses and non-economic damages he or she experienced due to the accident. It will be beneficial to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney regarding the specific legal options one has after an accident.


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