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The importance of a police report for a car accident claim

The effects of a motor vehicle accident can be significant, especially if a crash resulted in damage to one’s vehicle or in an injury. Picking up the pieces and moving forward after this type of event is not easy, and it may be appropriate for one to seek recovery through a civil claim. Part of this process is securing the necessary documentation to validate the claim, and one of these documents may be the police report from the original accident. 

What’s in a car accident report? 

After an accident, Arizona law enforcement is generally called to the scene to evaluate and record what he or she witnessed. It is critical that police reports be accurate as these documents could be a crucial part of validating a claim. Some of the details that are important parts of a police report include: 

  • Details about the car accident, including the people involved, details about the vehicles in the crash and insurance information 
  • Contact information for any witnesses, as well as their statements about what happened. 
  • Diagram of the accident, including the placement of the vehicles and the point of the collision 

These are a few of the details that may be important when proving a specific party was responsible for the accident. 

Building a strong case 

Those suffering from the negligent or reckless actions of another Arizona driver have the right to seek compensation through a civil claim. Documentation is important in order to have a successful claim, and a police report will be critical. An accident may benefit from seeking legal guidance regarding what will be necessary to secure financial recovery and how to build a strong claim.  


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