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Suspected impairment causes fatal accident in Mesa

When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a driver is much more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision. Impairment affects cognition and physical reactions, and drunk drivers can cause crashes that can result in harm to innocent motorists. Arizona law enforcement suspects that impairment played a role in a recent fatal accident in Mesa that claimed the life of one teenager. 

A tragic, preventable event 

In the early morning hours, rescue workers and emergency responders were notified of a six-vehicle crash along U.S. 60. Upon arriving at the scene, they found that the crash resulted in a fire after an SUV collided with five vehicles that were stopped at a red light. The collision caused a fire in the SUV first, but it quickly spread to the other vehicles. Police suspect the driver of the SUV was impaired at the time of the crash. 

Emergency workers found a 21-year-old man in the driver’s seat of the SUV and a 16-year-old in the passenger seat. They pulled both individuals from the burning vehicle, but the teenager died from his injuries after he was taken to the hospital. The driver remains in the care of the hospital as he receives treatment for serious injuries. However, criminal charges could be filed against him pending the results of blood tests.  

The cost to innocent victims 

Impaired driving often affects innocent people, such as the Arizona teenager who died in this crash. While it cannot reverse what happened, grieving loved ones may have the option to seek compensation through the civil justice system. After a fatal accident, a family may benefit from an explanation of their legal options. 


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