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Truck driver arrested after fatal crash in Arizona

The driver of a semitrailer was taken into police custody after a motor vehicle accident resulted in the death of one person. The crash took place in the Phoenix area of Arizona, and it involved two semitrailer trucks and one smaller vehicle. While emergency crews were cleaning up the scene and law enforcement was investigating what happened, all eastbound traffic along the street where the accident occurred was diverted for several hours.

Suspected driving under the influence

According to a report of the accident, the crash occurred as one of the semis collided with the back of the passenger vehicle. The force of the rear-end collision pushed the vehicle forward into another semitrailer with enough force to cause the smaller vehicle to catch fire. Because of the nature of the crash, the occupant of the car was unable to exit the vehicle, and the individual suffered fatal injuries.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety stated that the driver of the truck that caused the chain reaction crash was suspected of being impaired. He was arrested at the scene. It is not immediately clear if he has been formally charged with a crime.

Options for a grieving family

The family of the deceased driver is mourning the loss of their loved one and wondering what steps are next for them. Those who lose family members in fatal crashes caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another driver may have legal options available to them. They may be able to pursue compensation for damages and losses through a wrongful death claim.


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