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Addressing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents during the holidays

It might come as no surprise that most stores may see heavy increases in consumer traffic during the holiday shopping season. While individuals in Arizona who are out shopping during this season may expect to encounter congested store aisleways, they might not be aware of the hazards that increases in consumer traffic can bring. Studies indicate that there may be a greater risk of slip-and-fall accidents during this time of year, and it might not always be possible to detect a possible hazard in time to avoid a potential disaster.

Holiday season fall risks

The types of slip-and-fall risks consumers might encounter during the holiday season may be the same as those present at any other time of the year. However, with higher levels of consumer traffic, issues such as liquid spills may prove more prevalent during this season. Staff members may also be spread thin during busy business hours and if there is a delay in responding to safety hazards of this nature, the results could prove disastrous.

Stores may also wish to promote a variety of products and services during this season, which may lead to an increased presence of temporary displays in store aisles. Unfortunately, similar objects can create cluttered floor environments that may pose a threat to the safety of consumers. Those who navigate through areas of a store with inadequate lighting may also struggle to detect a potential fall hazard in time to prevent an accident from taking place.

The outcome

This may only include a few examples of slip-and-fall accident risks during the holiday shopping season. Individuals in Arizona who are out purchasing gifts for loved ones may be at greater risk of encountering similar concerns if property owners fail to take steps to protect against such issues. The outcome of a fall-related accident can take a dire toll on a person’s well-being and those who suffer serious injuries in such an incident could consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on their available options and the next steps to take to seek financial relief.