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Avoiding an accident in Arizona during the holiday season

During the holidays, the roads are more congested and busier than at other times of the year. People have parties to attend, family to visit and vacations to take, and this can lead to more drivers sharing Arizona at the same time. With more people on the road, it is easy to see how there may be a higher chance of car accidents. It is in the interests of each driver to understand how to stay as safe as possible while driving during the holiday season. 

A busy holiday season for travel 

According to AAA, approximately 950,000 Arizonians will be driving during the holidays this year. This could be one of the busiest travel seasons to date, and it may lead to a more stressful journey for some drivers. Last year, serious and fatal accidents, including those related to drunk driving, all increased around the Thanksgiving holiday.  

Obviously, more vehicles on the road will lead to more accidents. However, experts believe other factors could contribute to increased numbers of crashes during the holiday season, including drunk driving, aggressive driving or road rage, or distraction. One way that drivers can protect themselves is to leave plenty of time for travel and to be especially patient during this time of year. 

Recovering after an accident  

If an Arizona motorist is suffering after an accident caused by a reckless or negligent driver, that individual has the right to seek a full recovery. Through the civil justice system, one can seek financial recovery and justice. It will be helpful to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney when pursuing this option.  


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