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The facts about car accidents in Arizona

Motor vehicle crashes can leave victims and families with consequences that may impact virtually every area of their lives. At the moment that a crash happens, an Arizona motorist could be left with significant damage to personal property, expensive medical bills and more. Car accidents are often the result of the reckless or negligent actions of others, such as drunk driving, texting and speeding. All drivers will benefit from being alert and following safety rules while sharing the road with others.

Is it dangerous to drive in Arizona?

According to statistics, one person was injured on Arizona roads every 10 minutes in 2021, and an average of three people died each day. The most common types of collisions were rear-end accidents, sideswipe crashes and left-turn collisions. More than 100,000 accidents happened during the year, and almost 70% of them occurred during daylight hours.

Every driver bears the responsibility for the decisions he or she makes while behind the wheel. Following the speed limit, leaving enough space between vehicles and avoiding distractions are all simple and effective ways to reduce the chance of an accident. One simple mistake or moment of distraction can have devastating consequences for innocent individuals.

The aftermath of an accident

The Arizona civil justice system provides victims of car accidents the opportunity to seek justice and compensation. A claim for damages may be an appropriate course of action if the accident was the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another motorist. After an accident, a victim or family will benefit from seeking the experienced guidance of an attorney to learn more about potential legal options.


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