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5 killed in recent truck accident in Arizona

There are a multitude of scenarios in which traffic patterns can change and allowing sufficient spacing may be vital to preparing to react to the onset of traffic congestion. This may be even more essential for truck drivers, as it takes longer to bring a tractor-trailer to a halt. Truck drivers who fail to respond to traffic congestion may run the unfortunate risk of placing the lives of others nearby in harm’s way. Five individuals were killed during a recent truck accident involving such circumstances in Arizona. 

Recent truck accident

Reports indicate that authorities arrived at the scene of a fatal collision that occurred during traffic congestion on a recent Thursday evening. According to authorities, the incident began when the driver of a tractor-trailer failed to react to traffic patterns and proceeded to rear-end two nearby vehicles. The impact reportedly forced both vehicles to crash into the back of another tractor-trailer and reports indicate that both vehicles were crushed between the two semi-trucks in the process. 

Authorities have advised that both these vehicles erupted into flames soon thereafter and they say that all five occupants of the two vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene. They also assert that the investigation into the crash remains underway and that distracted driving may have been a contributing factor. Losing a loved one in a truck accident can be harrowing enough as is, but with the presence of negligence, such a loss may prove even more difficult to accept. 

What next? 

Those who suffer the untimely loss of someone close in a truck accident under similar circumstances might consider speaking with a personal injury attorney for advice on the next steps to take. An attorney in Arizona can evaluate every aspect of the accident and help guide a client through every step of the subsequent process. Such advice may play a vital role in helping a person prepare to seek the full amount of compensation deserved through a claim against all parties deemed responsible. 


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