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Are dangerous roads placing young drivers at risk?

Even with the proper training, experience and caution necessary to operate a vehicle safely, there are factors that could increase the chance of a car accident. These may include the condition of roads and the actions of other Arizona drivers. Parents have expressed concerns that a specific road in Tucson near two schools could be particularly dangerous, placing kids and students at unnecessary risk and a higher likelihood that a serious crash will occur.

Busy roads and young drivers

There is a two-lane, two-way road that leads to a busy residential area, as well as two different high schools. Many accidents have taken place on Mary Ann Cleveland Way, including a recent fatal accident that claimed the life of one 16-year-old driver. On this tragic day, two other car accidents happened at an intersection on this same road.

Residents who live along this road have noted how difficult it is to drive along Mary Ann Cleveland Way due to the sheer volume of drivers at certain times of the day. The road is narrow, and there are several blind spots that can make it challenging to turn on and off the road. Parents are concerned that it is especially dangerous for young high school drivers to navigate this road safely.

What is the solution?

Concerned Arizona parents have the right to speak up if they believe road conditions could be endangering their child. In the event of an accident, they may benefit from an understanding of the legal options available to them, which may include filing a civil claim. This process could allow victims of negligence or reckless driving to recoup losses and hold responsible parties accountable.


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