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Fatal accident under investigation by Arizona officials

Just one decision by an Arizona driver has the potential to change the life of others on the road. A moment of distraction or another mistake could lead to devastation to other motorists, including serious or fatal injuries. One recent accident in Arizona illustrates how important it is to drive safely at all times. In this incident, a vehicle crossed the center line, moving into oncoming traffic and resulting in a fatal motor vehicle collision. 

A crash still under investigation 

Arizona authorities are still investigating the crash during which one man lost his life and others had to go to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. The accident took place early in the morning and involved just two vehicles. According to accident reports, the two vehicles collided head-on, which can result in serious injuries, even if the vehicles were moving at a low rate of speed at the time. 

According to the details of the report, two vehicles, a Hyundai and a Civic, were both traveling along Highway 95 in Yuma when the crash occurred. The Hyundai was traveling south when it crossed a certain line on the highway and struck the Civic that was moving in the opposite direction. The individual behind the wheel of the Civic was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. 

The rights of accident victims 

Those harmed in accidents caused by the actions of other Arizona motorists have rights. If the negligence or reckless choices of a driver led to the physical suffering of someone else, the victim has grounds to seek compensation through the civil justice system. After a crash, a victim and family members will benefit from seeking an understanding of their legal options.  


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