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The ideal type of structure for your Arizona business

Part of the American dream for many is starting their own business. You may be someone who hopes to succeed with entrepreneurship, but there is much more involved with this endeavor than simply having a good idea for a company and creating a page on social media. In addition to these things, there are critical legal and financial considerations every new business owner will have to make in the early stages of his or her new company.

One of the most important decisions you will make is determining the appropriate structure for your business. There are different options available to you, and the ideal selection depends on factors unique to your situation, including your willingness to accept personal liability for business debts, the number of business partners you have and more. It may be helpful to have an understanding of all of the options available to you before you make a final decision regarding business formation.

Options available to you

The type of business structure you choose can impact many areas of your business and certain aspects of your operations. This includes fundraising, the amount of paperwork you have, personal liability, taxes, a requirement of a board of directors and more. Careful consideration of each of the following options may help you make a beneficial decision:

  • Limited liability company – With this type of structure, owners have limited personal liability for business debts, yet they have the tax benefits and flexibility provided through a partnership.
  • Sole proprietorship – With this type of structure, there is one owner, and he or she has sole responsibility for business liabilities, taxes and more. This is the simplest business entity and relatively easy to establish.
  • Partnership – This structure is ideal for companies with more than one founding partner. The partners will often share operational duties and liabilities, but there are different ways to structure a partnership.
  • Corporation – With a corporation, the business is a separate legal entity from its owners. There are different types of corporations, and they have the ability to sell the right of ownership through stock sales.

As you consider your options regarding the ideal business entity, it is helpful to carefully evaluate your long-term goals, your ability to deal with business liabilities and other details of your business. You may benefit from an evaluation of your business plan by a professional who can explain your options and help you identify the ideal structure for your new company.


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