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Fatal accidents a growing cause of concern in Arizona

The decisions drivers make while behind the wheel have the potential to negatively impact themselves and everyone around them. One small error or dangerous choice could result in a collision that could leave innocent individuals seriously injured or dead. A recent fatal accident in Arizona illustrates the dangers of unsafe driving, as well as a growing number of motor vehicle fatalities in the state. 

Wrong-way crash involved multiple vehicles 

The multi-vehicle accident left three individuals dead, but others in the vehicles walked away unharmed. The crash occurred as one vehicle traveled south in the northbound lanes of 19th Avenue in Phoenix. This vehicle struck another, and in turn, these two vehicles hit a third. Both occupants of the first vehicle did not survive the collision. One of the other vehicles caught fire, and the driver died from his or her injuries. 

The number of motor vehicle fatalities has slowly increased each year in Arizona. Authorities are taking measures to encourage safe driving and good decisions behind the wheel. Driving at appropriate rates of speed, avoiding distraction and following the rules of the road are all ways to prevent accidents. 

The rights of victims 

Those who suffer injuries due to the actions of another driver have legal options available to them. Through the civil justice system, it is possible to hold these individuals accountable, allowing a victim, or his or her family, to seek appropriate compensation. It is helpful to speak with an experienced attorney regarding the most beneficial course of action for the individual situation. 


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