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Pedestrian dies in Arizona motor vehicle collision

When two vehicles collide, it can have detrimental consequences for all involved, even those who may not be inside the vehicle. A recent collision between two vehicles in the Phoenix area of Arizona caused the death of an innocent pedestrian that was simply standing on the sidewalk. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable during an accident as they are often unable to react in enough time to avoid contact with the vehicles, and they are unprotected against the force of impact. 

Details of a traffic accident 

The collision occurred in the early morning hours at the intersection of Northern and 24th Avenue. One driver was on the northbound ramp off of Interstate 17, trying to turn onto Northern Avenue. However, this driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic that had a green arrow at the same time. This resulted in the first vehicle colliding with another. 

The force of the impact caused the first driver’s vehicle to spin, striking a man that was standing on the sidewalk. The victim was taken to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment, but he died from his injuries. The occupants of the vehicles did not suffer any significant physical harm. 

An ongoing investigation 

Local law enforcement does not believe that either driver was impaired at the time of the crash. Arizona crash investigators are still piecing together the events of the accident, and the at-fault driver is not currently facing criminal charges. However, the grieving family of the deceased may want to explore the option of seeking justice on behalf of their loved one through the civil justice system.  


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