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Are teenage drivers more likely to cause car accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but they are often preventable with caution and careful driving. Younger Arizona drivers with less experience, such as teenagers, are more likely to make mistakes behind the wheel that could result in injuries and other types of damage. It is imperative that teen drivers receive the appropriate amount of training in order to prevent unnecessary car accidents. 

Statistics about teen drivers 

Statistics indicate that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. They are also the most common reason for teenagers to experience disabling injuries. Around 40% of teens admit they think driving is scary, which means they likely lack the confidence to operate their vehicle safely in stressful or unexpected situations. It is possible teens are more likely to exhibit dangerous behavior while driving such as speeding or distraction. 

A careful look at crash data indicates that teen motor vehicle accidents are often due to something called critical driver error. Speeding was a factor in almost 30% of teen accidents, and distraction is a major factor as well. Other critical errors include driving too fast for road conditions and not recognizing hazards. 

After an accident 

If an Arizona motorist suffers injuries as a result of the actions of another driver, he or she has legal options available. It is possible there may be grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. An assessment of the accident will help identify the specific legal options available. 


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