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Traffic deaths continue to rise across the country

There is significant and troubling evidence to suggest that the number of traffic-related deaths continues to rise across the country. In Arizona and other states, statistics indicate that dangerous behaviors, such as speeding and distracted driving, are on the rise. Recent studies found that there were 43,000 traffic deaths in the United States in 2021, which is the highest number of fatalities in 16 years. 

Why are the roads more dangerous? 

These numbers indicate that drivers are more likely to engage in dangerous actions while they are driving. There has been a 12% increase in the number of accidents involving a distracted driver, despite safety campaigns and an attempt to raise awareness. The numbers concerning distraction-related crashes may be higher as it is believed they are underreported by law enforcement. Pedestrian accidents and crashes involving bicycles are also on the rise.  

Distraction is not the only issue contributing to these high numbers of motor vehicle accidents. Statistics indicate that speed-related crashes were up by as much as 8%, and alcohol-related crashes were up by 14%. Many fatal accidents are preventable with caution and vigilance behind the wheel. 

Seeking damages after a crash 

If an Arizona motorist is suffering after an accident, he or she has the right to seek compensation and damages through a civil claim. Grieving families may also pursue wrongful death claims if they lost loved ones as the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person. An assessment of the individual situation will reveal whether there are valid grounds for a civil claim.  


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