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Important documents in the creation of a strong estate plan

Every individual is different, but most adults will benefit from the protections provided by a thoughtfully crafted and well-prepared plan for the future. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to estate planning, but there are certain documents that can be useful in most situations. Creating a strong estate plan begins with a careful assessment of one’s needs and specific documents that provide custom-tailored protection and security. 

Building blocks for long-term security 

Estate planning is done to gain a measure of control and security for the future. For most Arizona adults, this starts with drafting a will, which is a document that outlines preferences for asset distribution after death. A will can also name a guardian for a minor child and reduce the chance of disputes over a loved one’s property. 

Another important estate planning step is creating documents that allow one to plan for potential future health care needs. A health care power of attorney names someone to make critical medical decisions in the event of an emergency. A living will outlines specific health care preferences, and works in conjunction with a power of attorney. 

Unique plans for unique situations 

An Arizona adult will benefit from creating a comprehensive plan that allows him or her to look to the future with confidence. Estate planning is an individual and personal process, and it is ideal to have legal assistance at every step. By speaking with an experienced estate law attorney, one can learn more about the important legal steps he or she should take. 


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