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A strong criminal defense is always the key, even for misdemeanors

Facing criminal charges for DUI, drug possession or other issues can have both an immediate and far-reaching impact on your life. Many people mistakenly believe that, if charges do not involve a felony crime, it’s no big deal. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A strong criminal defense is the key to achieving as positive an outcome as possible when facing charges in an Arizona court.

Even a first-offense DUI can cause serious problems in your life. For instance, if you’re a commercial truck driver, you could lose your CDL license if you’re convicted of drunk driving. If you’re a college student who attends school on an academic or sports scholarship, you might lose it, especially if you signed an honor agreement. Choosing the most viable defense options may help mitigate your circumstances.

An experienced defense team can poke holes in the prosecutor’s case

If you’re facing criminal charges, the prosecutor in your case has one goal: to win a conviction. Prosecutors must prove beyond a doubt that you have committed the crime for which you stand accused, however. An experienced defense attorney understands how the system works and can spot the slightest loophole that may help turn the court’s favor in your direction.

Options and outcomes may vary, depending on the charges against you

Do you understand the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony crime? Are you fully aware of all potential penalties under conviction for the charges you’re facing? Do you know which defense strategies would be most effective in your case? Part of building a strong defense is connecting with someone who is well-versed in Arizona criminal law, who can act as your personal advocate throughout proceedings, as well as make recommendations, such as what type of plea to enter in court.

Knowing you have a strong defense makes criminal proceedings less stressful

If you show up in court not really understanding how the Arizona criminal justice system works or without a specific defense plan in mind, you could wind up getting a maximum sentence if the court hands down a conviction. Thinking and planning ahead are keys to building a strong defense when the state has accused you of misdemeanor DUI, drug possession or a higher-level crime.

In fact, a strong defense can sometimes lead to a dismissal of some or all charges, or it may compel the judge overseeing your case to rule that certain evidence is inadmissible in court. No matter how minor you believe the charges against you are, you should never hesitate to reach out for defense support as soon as you’ve been taken into police custody.


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