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“Safe System” approach reiterates motorcycle safety

The defining quality of a motorcycle ride is the liberating experience of rushing against the wind and chasing Arizona sunsets. But being the thrilling adventure that it is also makes it more susceptible to deadly dangers.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently reminded road users that motorcycle deaths are still on the rise. Their records showed over 6,000 fatalities across the country in 2021 alone. They interpret this record high finding as a clear indicator to strengthen existing preventive measures, collectively known as the “Safe System,” to combat this continuing problem.

Emphasizing the “Safe System” components

The Safety System concept acknowledges that everyone is bound to make a bad call on the road. In effect, this reality makes each person equally responsible for potential risks. While such threats are inevitable, they should not necessarily be fatal.

Recognizing that curtailing road hazards is a shared responsibility, authorities must keep warning motorcyclists, vehicle drivers and passengers to observe the following rules:

  • Decrease speed limits
  • Wear properly designed helmets
  • Use emerging technologies, like automatic emergency braking systems and left-turn assist

Taking up these life-saving mechanisms has reduced road accident rates in recent years, not just in the United States but in other countries as well, like the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

Motorcycle safety must be everyone’s business

Safe System only works if everyone is committed to strict adherence. These countermeasures apply not only to motorcyclists but also to cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. Even the governing bodies that implement them play a critical role in updating policies to make them relevant to the needs of the times. After all, it’s a person’s and their loved ones’ lives that are at risk. But still, tragedy happens even to the most law-abiding citizen. When it does, legal help is always available for guidance and damage recovery.


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