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Faith Law, PLC Receives Local Honors

CommunityVotes promotes its mission to ensure all communities nationwide receive well-deserved recognition for businesses and services that make lives better for everyone. With that in mind, they launched a platform for people to cast votes for companies who consistently go above and beyond.

Providing in-depth insight allows consumers to help them find entrepreneurs committed to the highest customer service and support standards.

Multiple recognitions

With 1,119 individuals and businesses nominated, Faith Law, PLC, a top nominee, is proud to announce the recognition they recently received in the form of five Platinum Awards in a variety of categories that include:

  • Lawyers category
  • Criminal Law and Lawyers category
  • Estate Lawyers category
  • Personal Injury Law and Lawyers category
  • Real Estate Law and Lawyers category

The multiple honors reflect the commitment of our attorneys and support staff to our fellow Surprise community residents. We are truly honored and encourage anyone in need of legal help to reach out to Faith Law, PLC.


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