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What happens if you miss your court date?

If you are charged with a crime, you will almost always need to attend court. Based on the severity of the crime, the court may release you on bail (albeit with conditions) so you can carry on with your life while awaiting the outcome of your case. One of the conditions the court will set forth is showing up in court whenever you are expected to.

Honoring your court dates is not an option. You have to. However, life is uncertain, and you might find yourself unable to attend court. Sometimes, your reasons for missing court, like a medical situation that requires hospitalization. might be justified. At other times, however, missing court might be unjustified. The following will likely happen if you miss court on flimsy grounds:

Your bail money will be gone

Failure to appear will almost automatically result in the forfeiture of your bail money. And if someone else, like the bail bond company, paid your bond, then this means that you will be in debt too. Worse still, should you find yourself in trouble in the future, the bail bond company might want no business with you, not to mention that you might not get bail.

There will be a bench warrant against you

If, for instance, you miss court for a traffic offense, the judge will issue a bench warrant against you. And while the police might not actively look for you, this means that another stop will result in an immediate arrest even if it is unrelated to the traffic offense for which you skipped bail.

If, however, you are charged with a serious offense like a violent crime or a drug-related crime, the police will come for you. And if you are arrested, chances are you will remain in jail until your case is decided.

Your options if your reasons for missing court are genuine

No one loves going to court. If you are charged with a crime, however, you need to take your court dates seriously. If your reasons are valid, you need to inform the court about these as soon as possible. Find out how sound legal counsel can help you safeguard your rights if you miss court.


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