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Can motorcyclists avoid a left-turn accident?

Many left-turn accidents occur when drivers cut off motorcyclists. In fact, this has been identified as one of the most common types of motorcycle crashes. The motorcycle and the other vehicle are heading toward one another when the vehicle turns left into the motorcycle’s path. 

Part of the problem with this is that it happens very quickly. In many cases, the driver who is turning just doesn’t see the motorcycle. They may abruptly turn when the rider has only a second or two to react. This makes avoiding such an accident very difficult – and often impossible. There’s just not enough time or space to stop the bike.

What should riders do?

Motorcycle riders should focus on defensive driving tactics. For instance, if a motorcyclist is approaching a vehicle that has its blinker on and is waiting to turn, the motorcyclist should keep a close eye on that vehicle. It’s especially important to look at the front wheels. If they begin to move, it may indicate that the driver hasn’t actually seen the motorcyclist and is about to turn. Anticipating these types of mistakes is the key to defensive riding.

But even this may leave the motorcyclist with few options. The oncoming vehicle is going to travel to the right as it turns, so the motorcyclist can’t swerve in that direction. But they also don’t want to swerve left, where they would be riding directly into oncoming traffic.

As a result, motorcyclists are often faced with unavoidable accidents and serious injuries. They need to know how to seek financial compensation from the drivers who are responsible.



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