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Motorcycle modifications may put you at risk

Part of the fun of owning a motorcycle is dreaming of ways to get more out of it. With aftermarket modifications and custom components, you have a seemingly endless number of options. Still, not every motorcycle modification is a good idea. On the contrary, some aftermarket upgrades may put your life in jeopardy. 

In 2017, nearly 5,000 riders lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in the United States. While the number of motorcycle fatalities decreased nationwide that year, it increased in Arizona. Even though you may not be able to modify the behaviors of drivers, you can make your bike as safe as possible. When modifying your machine, consider the following recommendations: 

Focus on safety 

Your motorcycle should make you feel free. While you may be able to reach top speeds on your bike, you do not want it to put you in danger. Accordingly, when upgrading your machine, you may want to focus on safety. Adding additional lights or reflectors may make you more visible to drivers. Put simply, anything you can install to make your motorcycle easier to see is likely a smart investment. 

Be careful with reworked fairings 

On some motorcycles, stock fairings are bulky and awkward. Still, you must think about your personal safety when installing new fenders or a different windshield. Remember, when it went through safety testing, your motorcycle had stock fairings. If new fairings change your bike’s safety features, you may be in trouble. 

Choose the right protective gear 

If you are itching to spend some money on your riding hobby, you may want to upgrade your protective gear instead of tinkering with your bike. While Arizona law does not require most riders to wear helmets, a safety-rated one may save your life. Further, a jacket, boots, gloves and other garments may help protect your limbs, skin and organs during a crash. 

Even though you may want to change the way your motorcycle looks and performs, you must prioritize your personal safety. With a bit of effort and some planning, you can likely enjoy your machine without putting yourself at greater risk.


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