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December 2017 Archives

Understanding land use violations in Arizona

Across the country, there are limitations and laws in order to protect areas of land from overdevelopment. The purposes of these protections are in the interests of the public. These laws are concerned with many factors, from limiting pollution, controlling traffic congestion, safety and welfare, controlling population and economic factors, as well as wanting to preserve the beauty of natural parks and communities. It is a way for the government to control the way that the country develops in a successful and sustainable way.

Managing wealth through trusts

A great way to manage wealth is by setting up a trust. If you also want to set up a trust in order to manage your estate, it can be beneficial because it will help you avoid the cost of probate in the future. Trusts can also protect your assets and give you peace of mind that your future affairs will be taken care of.

Avoiding foreclosure: What are my options?

Owning your home has many advantages, and as long as you can afford the mortgage repayments each month, it is likely to be a great investment for your future. However, if you get into financial difficulties further down the line, you may be at risk of losing your home. This is formally known as foreclosure. So if you are struggling with your finances but want to do everything that you can to avoid losing your home, here are some alternatives.

Dangerous shopping environments should be prevented

Shopping environments such as malls and department stores can get extremely busy and hectic, especially around the holidays. It is common for stores to employ more workers for these busy periods so that they can prevent long lines and overcrowded stores. They also have a responsibility to hire more staff to ensure that their environment is a safe one and nobody injures themselves on their property.

What legal issues might I encounter as an entrepreneur?

Being a business owner in Arizona comes with many challenges that can make it hard for you to reach the goals you hope to achieve. You may have many plans for your next business venture. But if you are not careful to take the right precautions, you could end up wasting time, money and encountering some legal issues that keep your company from getting off the ground. 

Becoming injured by glass on a private property

When you are present on a private property as an "invitee" this means that the owner of the property has explicitly or implicitly invited you onto his or her property. Legally, this means that they should carry out all reasonable steps to ensure that you are safe and protected from harm when you are on the property.

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